Summer 2022 Insurance Payment–for GE’s Only

Did not sign up to have your summer premiums taken from you paychecks during the regular academic year, but still want summer insurance?

If you HAVE a summer GE (in any of the summer sessions) you can be on the insurance for the same rate (5% of the cost) as during the regular academic year.

If you do NOT have a GE position, you may continue to be on the GTFF insurance over summer as long as:

1. you are not graduating spring term

2. you had a spring GE

…but you will pay 20% of the cost.

TRAINING GRANT (NIH/NSF/Dept. of Ed.) folks: A TG is the same thing as a GE as far as the payment goes–if you HAVE summer TG, you pay the I HAVE GE rate).  The feds reset their year 07/01 so check with your dept. to make sure your TG continues into summer.

To pay for summer coverage and keep your GTFF plan rolling, use the pay button below.

Summer 2022 Premium Payment