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We’re kicking off a campaign to demand tangible institutional support and equitable living, learning, and working conditions for international GEs across campus! Over the last few months, the International GE Advocacy, Equity, and Organizing committees have been meeting and collaborating on a coordinated effort to both model and demand the kind of change we need. 

We’re currently information-gathering about support structures and resources already in place--or not in place!--in departments on campus. If you have information you’d like to share, get in touch with your department steward, or let us know here: bit.ly/IntlGEresources 

As part of this effort, you should start seeing signs go up on doors in your departments this week and next asking them what they’ve done to support their international GEs. If you don’t, feel free to pop by the GTFF office at 609 E. 13th to pick one up and to learn more about how to get involved! 

Door with sign attached. Sign is black with white text, reading "Dear SOJC, what have you done to support your international GEs? Warmly, GTFF." Also includes GTFF logo, and SOJC in red ink.

Upcoming Events

Keep an eye out for events through email, on our Facebook page, and on our calendar!
  • Workshop: Member-Leader and Steward Basics (RSVP)
    This 1.5-2 hour workshop will cover the basics of being an effective steward or member-leader and will cover such things as stewards' rights and responsibilities; organizing and strengthening your department; using Knack (our database); knowing your contract. Any member interested in learning and helping us build and strengthen our union is welcome! No experience necessary. Highly recommended for stewards.
    Day: Wednesday, Feb. 12
    Time: 10am-12pm
    Location: GTFF Office (609 E. 13th St.)
    Contact: stafforganizer@gtff.net (Michael)
  • Winter Training Series: Crisis Response Training Tonight!
    The Survivor Support, Disability Access, Asian and Pacific Islander, Workers' and Queer Caucuses are jointly sponsoring a four-part series of trainings during the month of February, and it starts tonight! All GTFF members as well as campus and local community members are welcome to attend--snacks will be provided. The next section of this newsletter provides more detailed information on the training dates, times, and content. Register for the trainings here!
    Dates: Various--see the section below for details
    Time: Evenings (5:30 or 6pm start)
    Location: GTFF Office (609 E. 13th St.)
    Contact: evbeecher@gmail.com (Emily)
  •  E-Council Meeting
    The executive council will be meeting to discuss organizing, endorsements, and other union business. All members are welcome; all stewards and caucus chairs should attend. Please RSVP!
    Day: Thursday, Feb. 13
    Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm
    Location: GTFF Office (609 E. 13th Ave.)
    Contact: organizing@gtff.net (Trevor)
  • Disability Access Caucus Meeting 
    The Disability Access Caucus will be meeting Friday in the GTFF office. Anyone interested is welcome! Let Kylen (below) know if she can provide accommodations for anyone wanting to attend or participate!
    Day: Friday, Feb. 14
    Time: 5:30pm-6:30pm
    Location: GTFF Office (609 E. 13th Ave.)
    Contact: disabilityaccessgtff@gmail.com (Kylen)
  • International GE Advocacy Committee Meeting
    This committee is directly involved in strategizing in our campaign for much-needed institutional support for international GEs at UO and within our union. Please share your thoughts, ideas, and energy with this committee and with our union as we work to make this university and graduate study more equitable for all our members!
    Day: Tuesday, Feb. 18
    Time: 5:30pm - 7pm
    Location: GTFF Office (609 E. 13th Ave.)
    Contactigadvocacyc@gmail.com (Mushira)
  • April Sims: Intersectionality in the Intergenerational Labor Movement
    Along with LERC and other campus groups, we are co-sponsoring April Sims' lecture on intersectionality in the intergenerational labor movement next week! Her talk will explore intersectionality through the lens of personal experience, especially from working in labor movements for social and economic justice.
    Day: Thursday, Feb. 20
    Time: 3pm - 5pm
    Location: Lyllye Reynolds-Parker Black Cultural Center (Map)
    Contact: stafforganizer@gtff.net (Michael)
Intersectionality and the intergenerational labor movement flyer, showing image of April Sims
  • General Membership Meeting
    We're holding our second general membership meeting of winter term, to talk about political endorsements and keep moving on our organizing campaign. This will be a shorter, on-campus meeting, so please roll out and make your voice heard!
    Day: Friday, Feb. 21
    Time: 6pm - 7:30pm
    Location TBD
    Contact: operations@gtff.net (Rachel)
Flyer for General Membership Meeting, from 6-7:30PM Friday, Feb. 21. Location TBD. States "Come discuss political endorsements and plans for action this year!" Also notes to contact Rachel operations@gtff.net for accommodations needs.
  • Standing Meetings
    The meetings listed below happen on a regular (weekly/biweekly) basis at the GTFF office, often weekly. Any member is welcome to attend any of these meetings! You can also find them on the GTFF calendar.
    Meeting Day & Time Contact
    Equity Committee Mondays, 12-1:30  Michelle
    Executive Board Tuesdays, 12-2  Ellen
    Grievance Committee Tuesdays, 4-5pm  Alexis
    Lead Stewards Every other Friday, 2-3pm  Trevor
    Organizing Committee Fridays, 3-4pm  Trevor
    International GE Advocacy Committee Meets biweekly, dates vary. Next: Tues. 2/18, 5:30pm  Mushira

Winter Training Series

The Survivor Support, Disability Access, Asian and Pacific Islander, Workers' and Queer Caucuses are jointly sponsoring a four-part series of trainings this month. All GTFF members as well as campus and local community members are welcome to attend--snacks will be provided. Please register for the trainings!

Crisis Response - TODAY, Wed., Feb. 12 @ 6pm

Flyer for Crisis Response training with Drew Terhune from Crisis Intervention and Sexual Violence Support Services, held Wednesday Feb. 12 at 6pm in the GTFF office.
Since GEs work more closely with undergrads than faculty or staff do, we are often the first people students go to when looking for help in times of crisis. Join us for this training on how to navigate tough conversations and handle crises in our students' lives.

Disrupting Microaggressions - Thu., Feb. 20 @ 5:30pm

Flyer for Disrupting Microaggressions training with Nicole Francisco on Thursday, Feb. 20 at 5:30pm in the GTFF office
What are microaggressions? How are they harmful to our communities? How can we interrupt and address them productively? Please join us for this invaluable training for allies with Nicole Francisco (former VP for Equity) on microaggressions in our union and in our workplaces.

Universal Design - Fri., Feb. 28 @ 6pm

Flyer for Universal Design Training in partnership with Accessible Education Center Friday, Feb. 28 at 6PM in the GTFF office.
At this training we will discuss Universal Design - a theory that seeks to ensure education is accessible for all people regardless of age, size, ability or disability - best practices for our classes, & how to integrate Universal Design principles.

Know Your Rights - Date TBD

Flyer for Know Your Rights training in partnership with the Civil Liberties Defense Center, date and time to be determined, at the GTFF office.
At this training we will discuss how to navigate interactions with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the workplace and learn how to preserve your rights in interactions with police in general and at protests.
Contract update:
Grad Assistance Fund for childcare
GEs with kids age seven and under, you can now apply for up to $700 per year from the Graduate Student Assistance Fund to help with childcare costs. This new benefit in our contract adds childcare for kids up to seven as a qualifying event to access this underutilized fund for all GEs! See the fund's webpage for more details.

Caucuses & Committees
Find solidarity in a caucus or a committee!

Caucuses and committees are open to all members, and they're a great way to play to your strengths and connect with folks in our union in a setting much smaller than a GMM.  Check out existing caucuses and committees below (and feel free to contact a chair to get involved)! Our bylaws also provide for the formation of ad hoc caucuses and committees. Email equity@gtff.net (Michelle) for more info or with questions!

International GE Caucus

The International GE Caucus' 1st Winter term meeting took place on January 31st. Some of the items from the meeting discussions have been very helpful in concretizing to-do lists for GTFF's International GE Advocacy campaign. We hope to see more of our colleagues at our next meeting, tentatively planned for week 8!

International GE Caucus meeting attendees

International GE Advocacy Committee

The International GE Advocacy Committee has been meeting bi-weekly, and has begun putting together 2 parallel campaigns: a primarily internal informational campaign leading in to, supporting, and informing a spring external campaign. See the kickoff statement above for some early actions and details, and stay tuned/get involved for more information!

Interested in joining the international GE advocacy committee? Contact the committee at igadvocacyc@gmail.com!

Workers' Caucus

Flyer (images of guitar, megaphone, headphones, microphone, solidarity fist) seeking performers for May 1 labor-focused open mic

The Workers’ Caucus is looking for anyone interested in performing labor oriented pieces (like poems) or traditional/adapted labor songs in celebration of May Day (Friday, May 1). If you have a talent and/or a poem or song you'd like to share, contact Andy and Adam at gtffworkerscaucus@gmail.com.

Committee on Political Education (COPE)

GTFF has received requests for official campaign endorsement from five candidates for local and federal political office.

  • Doyle Canning (US Congress)
  • Mayor Lucy Vinis (Eugene Mayor - Incumbent)
  • Laurie Treager (Lane County Board of Commissioners)
  • Eliza Kashinsky (Eugene City Council)
  • Leonard Stoehr (Springfield City Council)

You can find information on these five candidates in this pamphlet. We'll be discussing these endorsements in E-Council this week and kicking off a vote on any endorsements we want to make at the GMM next week, so take the time to get informed!


Caucus Chair/Contact
Asian and Pacific Islander Caucus Kiana Nadonza and Tiyas Bhattacharyya
Disability Access Caucus Kylen Gartland
Environmental Justice Caucus Ellee Stapleton and Markus Koeneke
People of Color Caucus Ricardo Friaz
International GE Caucus Mushira Habib and Pearl Lee
Parents' Caucus Liz Fairchild
Queer Caucus Tzula Propp and Haley Shapiro
Survivor Support Caucus Emily Beecher and Dan Fielding
Women's Caucus Emilee Jackson
Workers’ Caucus Andy Labuza and Adam Morse
Latinx Caucus Vacant (Interested in chairing?)


Committee Chair/Contact
International GE Advocacy Committee Mushira Habib (interim)
Activities Committee Rachel Hampton
Budget Committee Alberto Lioy
Committee on Political Education (COPE) Sarah Stach
Communications Committee Teresa Caprioglio
Equity Committee Michelle Dreiling
Organizing Committee Trevor Brunnenmeyer

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