Ratif Vote Results 11.12

Votes are In:

It's a Contract!

We have a contract!

With 73% of members voting and 93% of voters voting yes, we the GTFF have agreed to ratify the tentative agreement and move forward with it as our new contract. 

We’ve all come together in an amazing way over the past year of bargaining: we’re at all-time record (84.8%!) membership, we are actively engaged in the work we do as a union, and we are ready to take the next steps in that work outside of the bargaining process!

The contract we’ve just ratified is not the end of our fight for improved working and living conditions for all graduate employees; indeed, it’s only the beginning. If you want to get involved with our continuing organizing in this fight, especially to secure our international GE colleagues the respect and support they deserve as workers, learners, and educators on this campus, take a look at the upcoming meetings and events below. This is an incomplete list, but a place to get started! This includes next Wednesday’s (11/20) E-council meeting, which all available stewards and caucus chairs should plan to attend. Everyone is welcome; please join in whatever capacity you are able! Bring your ideas, your energy, and your voice; together, we can make our voices heard and fight for the change we need.

Also, if you have thoughts to share outside of the context of the meetings below about the equity campaign we’ll be directing our energies toward, here’s a space where your ideas, thoughts, experiences, and insights can be shared. We’ll be able to bring this information and these ideas into our conversations and our actions going forward and make them part of our collective GTFF memory. These responses can be anonymous, and the form is maintained by Michelle, our VP for Equity and Inclusion.

Get involved!

  • Organizing for Power (Session 2)
    Join Jane McAlevey, a long-time union organizer, negotiator and strategist, along with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, and organizers around the world for Organizing for Power: A Four-Step Course on How We Win. This course, which is free, includes voices from the labor movement across the world because more than ever, the fight for worker power is a global fight.
    - Date: Tuesday, 11/12
    - Time: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
    - Location: GTFF Office
    - Contact:
    davidpurucker@yahoo.com (David)
  • Workers Caucus Meeting
    The Workers’ Caucus advocates for the recognition of the value and needs of GEs as workers. We believe that GEs, and workers generally, should have a more substantial role in university governance. Along these lines, we seek to change the institutional culture as it relates to labor issues.
    - Date: Wednesday, 11/13
    - Time: 5:00 pm 
    - Location: GTFF Office
    - Contact:
    gtffworkerscaucus@gmail.com (Andy and Adam)
  • People of Color Caucus Meeting
    The People of Color Caucus represents and advocates for people of color in the GTFF.  We're meeting to discuss goals for the year and the structure of our caucus. Check out our website for more information about joining the caucus! The caucus website will also regularly post writings on race, unions, politics, quotidian grad school life, and whatever else it feels good to write. If you're interested in writing something that would appear on the website, email the caucus.
    - Day/Time: Week 8 (contact for details)
    - Location: Contact for details
    - Contact:
    GTFFPOC@gmail.com (Ricardo)
  • Equity Committee Meeting
    Interested in planning and organizing for equity and inclusion throughout the GTFF and the work we do? Join Michelle (VP for Equity and Inclusion) and the Equity Committee! 
    - Date: Tuesday, 11/19
    - Time: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
    - Location: GTFF Office
    - Contact:
    equity@gtff.net (Michelle)
  • E-Council Meeting (RSVP)
    All Stewards and Caucus Chairs should attend -- all members are welcome!
    - Date: Wednesday, 11/20
    - Time: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
    - Location: GTFF Office
    - Contact:
    organizing@gtff.net (Trevor)
  • Women's Caucus Hangout
    Join the Women’s Caucus for a Week 8 break: there will be snacks, coloring, and solidarity with your fellow GTFF colleagues. Let’s take a breather from a busy term and spend some time together!
    - Date:  Friday. 11/22
    - Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
    - Location: GTFF Office
    - Contact:
    gtffwomenscaucus@gmail.com (Emilee)
  • Disability Access Caucus Meeting
    We have meetings every other Friday from 5:30-6:30pm! Our upcoming meetings will be Week 8 (Nov 22) and Week 10 (Dec 6). We also have a Facebook group and a GroupMe set up that we would love to have interested parties join. 
    - Date:  Friday. 11/22
    - Time: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
    - Location: GTFF Office
    - Contact:
    disabilityaccessgtff@gmail.com (Kylen)
  • Survivor Support Caucus Meeting
    The SSC is having a meeting in week 10 of Fall 2019 to discuss our mission statement, goals, and actionable items in the coming year. This meeting is open to everyone with interest in issues surrounding sexual violence, discrimination, and harassment and/or ways they can support their students and peers! We’re currently working on brainstorming ways we can create GE specific resources around these issues and are actively looking for anyone that has ideas that can prevent GEs from falling through the cracks.
    - Date/Time:  Week 10, specifics TBD
    - Location: GTFF Office
    - Contact:
    upliftingsurvivorsgtff@gmail.com (Emily)

I am so glad to be in this fight with all of you, and I look forward to standing together as we continue to work for a better union, a better university, and a better world in which we can work and live.

In Solidarity Forever,

Ellen Gillooly-Kress

President of the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation
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