Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation (GTFF)

AFT Local 3544, AFL-CIO

We represent over 1,400 Graduate Employees (GEs) at the University of Oregon, leveraging our collective power to win better working conditions, defend our benefits and protections, and move towards a safer, more equitable, and more democratic university

About GTFF

The third graduate union in the country, the GTFF was founded in 1975 and has fought for Graduate Employees (GEs) for decades. Our early union efforts in the 1970s and 80s led to contracts with the University of Oregon for multiple 14%+ raises, maximum workload limits, grievance procedures, and rights to safe and healthy workplaces. Our union’s members build on the victories of the past year after year, winning affordable, quality health insurance, lower student fees, pay raises, and gender identity protections. We have won and continue to fight for support for international GEs, funds for childcare and medical expenses, paid parental leave, and more. 

Our steward infrastructure offers members the support they need for job protections.

Our caucuses consist of members with shared identities, interests, backgrounds, or beliefs.

Our contract cycle lasts three years after which time we go into contract negotiations with the university.

  • GTFF members on the steps of Johnson Hall
  • GTFF members in a protest holding a banner that says "UO Works because we do"
  • Graduate students and supporters demonstrating outside UO's Johnson Hall
  • A group of GTFF members raising their fists in solidarity in a room with the GTFF logo projected behind them