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DHS Proposed Rule

The Department of Homeland Security just proposed another set of rules to change the visa status and policies for International and exchange students, scholars, and media personnels on September 25. The new proposals would allow international students only a fixed number of years (2-4 years) to complete their studies. For International PhD students, that means there’s no guarantee that they’d ever be able to finish their studies. Without a visa extension or the ability to travel to another country to file for an extension, they’d be deported in 30 days.

The DHS website is accepting “public comments” for review until this Monday, October 26 (yikes super soon). Every additional public comment helps put pressure on the DHS to withdraw the new rules. We urge all GEs to post a comment opposing these changes by the deadline this Monday.

Here are draft templates for both domestic and international students and additional tips on writing comments from our parent union, AFT, as well as talking points from the GTFF International GE Advocacy Committee.