Executive Board

The following Board Members comprise the Executive Board* — commonly referred to as “E-Board” — for the 2020-2021 academic year.

President | president@gtff.net
Rajeev Ravisankar | Media Studies
VP Equity & Inclusion | equity@gtff.net
Mushira Habib | Comparative Literature/English
VP Political Education | political.education@gtff.net Annalise Gardella | Anthropology
Treasurer | treasurer@gtff.net
Nicole Nieves | Chemistry
VP External Relations | external.relations@gtff.net
Liz Fairchild | Theater Arts
VP Grievances | grievances@gtff.net
Courtney Tabor | Media Studies
VP Membership | membership@gtff.net
Tali Bitton | English
VP Member Communications | communications@gtff.net
Meg Siritzky | Psychology
VP Operations | operations@gtff.net
Cassie Galentine | English/IRES
VP Organizing | organizing@gtff.net
Rhiannon Lindgren | Philosophy

*Ten Board Members serve on the Executive Board. They are elected once per academic year, following a nomination process (at the end of Winter or at the Spring GMM) and a vote among all Members.

For more information on each of the positions, see the GTFF Bylaws.

Interim Board Members are assigned by the E-Board after an elected Board Member has stepped down. At the next Executive Council meeting, nominations for permanent replacements will be accepted. After nominations occur, a ballot-box election will be held to permanent fill those positions.