Caucus Council

Members with similar interests, concerns, backgrounds, or beliefs can take part in Caucuses to meet and work together on issues that affect them. Currently active Caucuses are below. Contact the appropriate person to participate in any Caucuses that interest you.

If you’d like to fill a Chair vacancy or start a new Caucus, please contact our VP of Equity and Inclusion or VP of Organizing.

Web Presence
Asian and Pacific Islander CaucusFacebookKiana Nadonza and Tiyas Bhattacharyya
Disability Access CaucusFacebookRaye Hendrix
Environmental Justice CaucusFacebookEllee Stapleton and Sara Khatib
Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Color CaucusWebsite
International GE CaucusFacebookNatascha Reich
Latinx CaucusFacebookInterested in chairing this caucus?
Parents’ CaucusFacebookLiz Fairchild
Queer CaucusFacebookYoussef Air Benasser
Survivor Support Caucus (formerly T.R.U.S.T. Caucus)FacebookInterested in chairing this caucus?
Womxn’s CaucusFacebookEmilee Jackson
Workers’ CaucusFacebookSam McLaughlin and Adam Morse
GEs of Minority Religions CaucusCourtney Tabor

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